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deVere Group - Avoid at all costs

deVere Group - Avoid at all costs

I was sold a product that is in now way suitable to my needs. I made clear from the outset that I di not understand the paperwork and was trusting the advise my advisor was giving, to me.

She even filled in the forms for me. It is more than clear in my written correspondance with Amanada Bloomfield that I wanted a short term low cost investment, and find myself locked into a high cost investment for 10 years. I have started a complaints procedure, I was initally just told that I had fillen in the forms so that was that. I am awaiting a reply to my second email before contacting the omdudsmun.

I see from the comments I am not the only one with this same problem. Maybe time to act deVere

deVere Group Reply:
Dear Ms Friant,
As a company providing expert independent advice, we take customer satisfaction very seriously and always aim to provide a high-quality service.
As you are aware, your complaint was fully investigated, and based on all paperwork in your and our possession last month, your complaint was found to be without merit.
Should you be able to produce new evidence, complaints can always be reviewed in light of such new evidence.
deVere Group
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  • Advisor is dangerously bad and no support frm the company
Preferred solution:

take my money out and refund high costs

Janani Qza
map-marker Shanghai, Shanghai

Devere Shanghai- mis-informed, ignored, lied to

Devere Shanghai =bad bad bad.

Summary- my wife and I were told our policy had flexibility (i.e.- withdraw funds up to 50% of net worth at any time in ten working days) when in fact the policy Devere Shanghai sold us has no flexibility. Fees? Exorbitant! 2400 USD per year! Not in writing or in any literature.

You thinking about using Devere as your broker for FPI? Get every detail you can possibly think of in writing. Read on for our sob story and beware Devere Shanghai. They are sales-man. They are NOT financial advisors, not friends, and in my opinion, not to be trusted.


My wife and I opened a ‘retirement / college’ fund account in 2012 through DeVere in Shanghai, China. One of the good points of the product our broker recommended to us was it’s ‘flexibility’, according to our Shanghai Devere broker. "At any time (after the initial 18 month start-up period) you can withdraw up to 50% of the funds in the account for any reason and receive the funds within 10 working days." He knew that was a sales-closer for us. My wife and I wanted that flexibility. He said it did. We signed. 18 months went by.

We had an emergency in the family and needed to withdraw some funds. We contacted our broker at DeVere Shanghai multiple times via email and phone, even had him over for dinner twice and explained that we needed to withdraw 10,000 USD of our holdings (less 50%). We were ignored. After 2 months, we finally were able to set up an appointment at the DeVere office in Shanghai. We met with our broker at which time he asked us ‘why’ we wanted to do withdraw funds (like it’s any of his bloody business), and that we ‘shouldn’t’ withdraw funds as this product wasn’t made for this type of flexibility. In the end he agreed to let us withdraw a paltry 5% of our policy’s net-worth. We were shocked and frustrated. We decided to go with this investment because we were directly told in no uncertain terms that we could pull funds up to 50% at any time after the initial 18 months. We knew that we would need to do this for our girls’ college education expenses and of course in cases of emergencies. We felt comfortable investing our money knowing that we had access to some of our money throughout the life of the product for these two reasons (college tuition and emergencies). We even spent time working out a tiered plan with our broker (i.e.- in 5 years, withdraw to pay tuition, in ten years, withdraw to pay tuition, etc…). This plan along with the figure we wanted as a final goal for retirement was what determined how much we would contribute every month.

A total farce.

We asked DeVere how much we were being charged for their services. It took our broker 6 weeks to provide us with an arbitrary verbally spoken (un-written) answer- "about 2400.00 USD" for the first 18 months, and similar charges annually no matter how small a monthly deposit might be for the length of the investment (which is different from what we were told by our broker initially which was that "the charge after the first 18 months would be $120 annually". Those charges never appeared in a statement or on our credit card that we used for payment. They just pulled it from our ‘funds’, is how our broker phrased it. "You’ll never see it," he said. "It’s built in." When pressed, the arbitrary figure popped up. They cannot show us how they got it and won’t put it in writing.

Again, we were shocked. NONE of this is mentioned in our agreement or the policy paperwork that we were given and signed off on. We asked our broker at DeVere Shanghai for an itemized list of annual service fees and any other ‘charges’. To this day they have not provided us with one. In the end, DeVere Shanghai gave us verbal, un-documented, arbitrary amounts. I’ve gotten a very clear feeling that they have no clue or more than likely simply do not want anyone to know. They hide their service fees as much as they can. They are NOT transparent with their fees. DeVere has never showed us ‘how’ they came up with their figures. Nothing is in writing. No receipt. No itemized charges. Magical figures pulled from the air. Not acceptable.

We asked to close the account. DeVere Shanghai told us that we would surrender almost all of our savings and the majority of our earnings if we were to do so. It took them 5 weeks to figure that out and get back to us. Again, none of this is in writing in our policy. Nowhere does it state in the policy given to us by DeVere, or the Friend’s Provident literature, that in closing the account we would forfeit our entire investment and savings. No-where. Those words do NOT exist in any paper work provided.

Of course we don’t want to lose our savings. We asked if we could stop payment for a time. The broker said that that could be arranged. They would contact us. They have not contacted us but, as of now, Devere has not charged us for the month of March or April 2014 but again, nothing is in writing. We have requested a document from DeVere stating that we requested a ‘holiday’ from payment but again we have been ignored. Nothing is signed. Nothing is in writing for this and we fear other charges or financial repercussions.

I wrote Friend’s Provident in London and asked for answers to the questions below.

In a nutshell our experience with Devere in Shanghai has been horrible. The *** is the guy who sold us this product walks around our school as a community volunteer, rubbing shoulders with others trying to groom future sales. I want to stand up and shout his name but I am not doing that. Why slander his name when it won’t accomplish anything? At this point it's a 'he said vs. he said' situation. Best thing is, dear reader, if you regard my complaint with any seriousness to simply avoid Devere Shanghai completely. Then maybe management will deal with their own weaknesses in their own ways as they see a loss of sales.

We are in communications with FPI in London trying to sever Devere from our product. At least in that regards we don’t have to pay Devere a penny for services un-rendered.

Avoid Devere Shanghai. If this is the best they can do then they deserve absolutely no business from anyone.

We requested the following from FPI in London. We are in the midst of determining how to self-manage our FPI account. Blessings to those willing to read through my long-winded diatribe.

- Complete breakdown of fees and annual charges of our investment. We want to know that if we have ‘X’ amount in our portfolio, then what is the ‘Y’ amount that Friends’ or a broker will charge per year.o Decreased pay-in: what is the procedure? What are the changes in annual fees? o Increased pay-in: How to increase our monthly contribution or add a lump-sum contribution? Procedure? Costs? Changes in annual fees?o Hiatus- are there options to take a holiday from payments? What are those details? What are the changes in annual fees? Can we get something in writing?

- Self managed vs. managed. o Self managed? • What are the practical functions we have to self manage our investment, such as a change of Funds, decrease or increase monthly pay-in, and funds- withdrawal? • What are the differences in annual charges between self-managed or broker-managed? • What are the costs to any changes we make through self-management?- Flexibility options- details on withdrawing funds.o How much? Include both minimum and maximum amounts.o When? Time period(s) withdrawals can be made.o Time from a request to seeing the money in our personal bank account?o How to withdraw? Procedure?o Complete costs, if any, associated with withdrawals.

deVere Group Reply:
Our client base continues to grow due to the trust built between our clients and our advisers. We strive to provide the very best independent financial advice to help clients reach their personal financial goals. We make sure that each and every client fully understands all terms, conditions and costs prior to authorising an investment. By signing the paperwork provided, you accepted the terms and conditions of your investment. Our plans are medium to long term investments offering potential flexibility after 5 years.
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Peter M Khw

The real crooks are friends provident international Generali Hansard RL 360 Quilter Utmost A special place in *** for these directors they k ow full well what goes on and I’ve watched this for 40 years !!! Nothing changes

map-marker Quezon City, Manila

Devere Wolfs of international investment Scams

Devere are the 'Wolfs of international investments scams'. You saw the movie Wolf of Wall St?

This is DeVere Group & most of their associated companies like PIC, DeVere & Partners. They run their opperation like a well run boiler room scam. Great glossy website, nice brochures, global coverage. There are only a handful of people (if that) in each Devere office that have been with Devere over 3+ years & have any creditable financial qualifications. For the majority it's like a revolving door with 3, 6 & 9 months being pivotal moments. Most of the Devere staff will tell you out & out lies about their financial qualifications & work history to make themselves LOOK CREDIBLE. They lean a 4 page script back tonfront which is designed to emotionally break you down into handing over 50+ % of you international expat wage package. The retirement plan that you need to save so hard for, they will tell you all the money can be taken out after 12-18 months (all lies).

If it's anything Devere then STAY WELL CLEAR!!

Devere are viewed as an international JOKE in the financial world. Some of their Managers have personally been locked up abroad for previously running boiler room scams (fact). These are the kind of people who work in their company so you can now see where all the ingrained lies come from.

Devere claim to have strategic relations with big American Banks (some of those just been fined millions of $'s for bad practice). This then gives an excuse to upfront charge you 4% to enter their 'unique invesments'. Reality is they take 10-12% for your investment, WHO DO YOU THINK PAYS FOR THAT?

Nigel Green part owns a Malta based QROPS trust which they lock your UK Pension into (READ THE SMALL PRINT). It might sound like min fees... Your money will then be invested into their own underperforming white labelled funds which are almost guaranteed to go backwards.

Devere write internet blogs about 'devere scams' in an attempt to deflect you from seeing the true extend of client/ex employee feedback which has worked its way on to the net.

deVere Group Reply:
We offer trusted international financial planning to over 80,000 clients around the world. Our client base continues to grow due to the exclusive investment products we offer and the effective financial planning our fully qualified financial advisers provide.

As the worlds most regulated IFA, our financial advisers are well-equipped to provide you with impartial financial advice, helping you to limit your risks but maximise your returns.

Our 450 international advisers are supported by our compliance team, who call clients to make sure that they fully understand all the terms and conditions of their investment(s) and to answer any queries they may have.

If you would like to find out more, please visit our website or drop into one of our 70 offices around the world (Addresses found on our website).
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map-marker Bangkok, Krung Thep

deVere Group - The truth of DeVere Bangkok (ex employee)

I worked for Devere (financial 'co-ordinator'). Essentially the office consists of people from Skegness who used to work in 2nd hand car sales or something equally unqualified.

They promise you the world when you get a job with them. In reality you sit in an office full of arrogant *** and have to call companies claiming to be from 'expat magazine' or something equally as ridiculous in an attempt to source names to then cold call and pitch financial services products to. Names are either sourced this way or Via linked in. Either way you are given no training on products or services.

Simply pressured into 'selling' by under qualified managers. Toby Williams is one of the area managers, he screws expats over then uses the money to spend on projects like his latest - 'The mansion' bangkok nightclub. The others invest in 'Levels' on Soi 11. Invest with them if you wish, just remember the fees are ridiculous and the 'consultants' don't have a clue what they're talking about.

If you're *** enough to say yes then I wish you the best of luck, you're better off buying lottery tickets though.

I would advise you don't invest with them, and if you are tempted by a job offer from them, don't bother. Unless you're from skegness of course...

deVere Group Reply:
The opportunity we offer to aspiring wealth consultants is tough but ultimately rewarding. Our comprehensive training programme ensures that all our advisers are fully qualified with internationally recognised qualifications. Our advisers are continuously developed to make sure that they are kept abreast of new financial opportunities that may benefit our clients.
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Anyone hear of Bernie Madoff, ripped off his friends & investors in billions, gotta do your due diligence before giving your money to complete strangers. Go with recommendations from your most trusted friends/relatives but also check past history/performance.

Don't trust anyone with your hard earned money unless you are 100% sure and even then, don't go all in until promised/expected results materialize.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-941227

I totally agree James. Great point made there :)


Apparently they have beeen closed down for 6 months....something to do with regulations and apparently all the **** scam artists are now worried lol

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-939726

i heard Toby Williams was arrested in UK for stealing old ladies washing off their laundry line??

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-939726

Buddy of mine today also told me the same. They must have closed down like you said with the regulators and also he was saying they may come up with a company name.

Not sure if so but yeah hope those *** faces leave and also stop scamming people. We work too hard for our money don't let it go


The Thai SEC has published an Investor Alert about deVere in Thailand. deVere Group" and "deVere & Partners (Thailand) Limited" and the website "" are all specifically listed by the Thai SEC, with this text:

"Investor Alert - In response to a number of tips and complaints about fraudulent solicitation of unauthorized securities and derivative business by which many of investors has been victimized, the SEC wishes to notify that legitimate businesses are required to receive license to undertake securities business or registered as securities business under the Securities and Exchange Act of 1992 and derivatives business under the Derivatives Act of 2003.

List of licensed business can be found at

To provide investors with information useful for making prudent decision before using investment services, the SEC has prepared a list of unlicensed or unregistered business from the traces and complaints received from investors and will keep the list update. In some cases, the name of unlicensed business may bear resemblance or possess similarity to one another; however, they may be or may be not related.

If you have enquiries about investment in securities and derivatives products or related services, please feel free to contact the SEC at 0 2263 **** or complain@*** In case of investment that likely to be a fraud or embezzlement with characteristics similar to Ponzi scheme and loan shark, investors may contact or report to Financial Crime Call Center 1359, Ministry of Finance."

Here's the link to the Thai SEC's website:

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-850503

What a b***** made up post...I have heard the original author of the full comment "I worked for deVere" was fired because he was useless and can't even keep a job for more than a few months. Regarding the SEC website what a load of old nonsense I checked it out there's nothing there. I am a client of theirs as of one year and I'm happy and making money (although lost some recently) but that's the investment game.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-888887

Trev1966 You obviously did not check the link, or you are lying. Or perhaps you work for deVere or are paid by them to write such rubbish?

Why not call the Thai SEC directly if you have some doubt?

deVere is operating illegally in Thailand. No question about that!


How about a gourmet dinner with some interesting financial opportunities on the side?

deVere Group Thailand is happy to invite you to an exclusive dinner at the award-winning restaurant Enoteca Italiana in Sukhumvit soi 27. The event is complimentary so this is a perfect opportunity to speak to the best in the industry regarding any aspects of finance and your long term financial prosperity.

The invitation is for two people so this is also a good opportunity to bring along any friend or colleague you believe may benefit from such information.

The moderator for the evening is Dr.

Richard Johnsson of the deVere Group in Thailand who will be accompanied by Mr. Idris Asghar and Mr. David Dunn.


RSVP: Register now by sending an email to arjun.bapat@*** no later than July 30th.

Name and mobile number required. NB! Limited number of seats, so register today. The Team About Dr.

Johnsson Richard received a Ph.D. in economics from Uppsala University in Sweden, but has also studied at Sydney U, Innsbruck U and Oxford U. He has spent the last decade in the wealth management industry in client facing roles, as a CEO in China and as a private banking executive in Sweden. Richard lives in Bangkok with his wife Jessica and three sons, Dante, Hector and Leon.

You can see his LinkedIn profile at About Idris Idris has been in the finance industry for the best part of a decade, working as a corporate manager at HSBC HQ in London. He joined deVere Group in 2014 to help expand operations and apply his expertise in working with multinational corporations and specializes in asset management and investment portfolios. Idris now lives in Bangkok and manages a client base across Thailand and Myanmar.

You can see his LinkedIn profile at About David David has a background as a Professional Engineer and has worked for Fortune 500 companies in North America. He has assisted individuals in personal finance and investing for over 20 years. He joined the deVere Group in 2013 to continue to help people grow their personal wealth and reach their financial goals. He is currently taking on new clients.

David lives in Bangkok with his wife Elaine and has 4 daughters, Aria, Mairi, Hannah and Julia. You can see his LinkedIn profile at Kind Regards, Arjun Bapat BA (Hons), ACSI Financial Coordinator, Mob: +66 8* *** **** / Tel: +66 2260 ****-36 | Fax: +66 2260 ****


James the guy who you will meet as Dr is Richard Johnsson. Swedish guy.

He is a very lovely and also honest guy. He knows his finances very very well and one of the best advisors I have seen. Go see him and see how you feel.

But others than that the rest are a bunch of *** and *** mans. Stick with Richard and let me know how your meeting went.

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A BBC Panorama investigation into deVere's misselling

A BBC Panorama investigation into high commission and administration charges levied by one Nigel Green and the many companies he operates, one in particular which keeps getting negative worldwide publicity, deVere Group. Just google Devere scammers to see the truth about this shoddy outfit. Simon Pratt one of their recently resigned Directors is is hiding from the Hong Kong Tax authorities.

Spencer Lodge another disgraced Director who renagged on a charity ball bid to help Elton John's Aids Foundation. He is just about to embark on opening a international offshore brokerage up in Dubai of all places. As if Dubai didn't have enough already! DeVere currently have three offices fleecing expat's of their life savings.

These people should be on SFO most wanted list for crimes against hard working expat's. There are more names to be added to the list of international thieves of which there are many within the deVere Group.

Be warned, stay clear of the glossy deVere website, & smooth talking salesman who will give you a word perfect scripted meeting. All deVere meetings are scripted to carefully push you into an expensive front loaded retirement policy.

deVere Group Reply:
As one of the most regulated IFA’s in the world, the deVere Group strictly adheres to various international laws and procedures. Our compliance team regularly contacts our clients to ensure that all deVere Group procedures have been carried out according to company policy. With over 70,000 clients and $9 billion under advice and management, deVere Group are confident that only the very finest financial advice is provided. At no time has deVere Group been investigated by Panorama!
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This is all true you only have to looking it up, deVere can't deny the tsunami of evidence against the. This is not just disgruntled employees, it's clients talking and giving factual feedback. Deal with deVere your peril.

Don't say you haven't been warned!


To want to expose bad practice: send the link of this site and threads to everyone you know and ask them to keep sending forward...and just ask people to read and think twice before taking advise from anyone company listed in this site.


Make your own mind up about this dreadful company and the uneducated scammers that represent it. deVere have a nice flashy website but the staff are generally cheap people who will tell you anything to clinch the deal.

Remember the saying- 'Honesty is very expensive gift.

Don't expect it from cheap people!

This sums up deVere in their entirety.

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Monica B Lla

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deVere Group - New investor sold incredibly complex and inappropriate 25-year policy

Updated by user Dec 24, 2021

Following on from the comments from Devere, I can confirm that this complaint was not originally raised in December 2021. I raised the matter to my adviser in April 2018, when he responded to one of my emails with the following excerpt "I have flagged you as having made a complaint, and the relevant team will now address your concerns." He also indicated that his manager was advised of the matter, was reviewing the correspondence and would respond.

I did not hear from either. Upon moving out of the UAE, I reduced my contributions significantly (to the minimum) and engaged a local financial adviser and tax adviser to assist me in understanding this Zurich insurance policy. It was only then that I fully understood that my fees had gone up exponentially when I agreed to increase contributions for a new initial period. It was only then that I understood that those increased fees would apply for the balance of the policy, even if I decreased my contributions.

This was never fully explained to me.As my circumstances changed (which should have been anticipated by my original adviser when I entered into a 25 year policy) it became clear that I was in the entirely wrong investment product. I asked my adviser to see if there was a way to agree with Zurich to decrease my term, but I was told there was no way, but I could pull out monies from the policy if I needed them. Yes, but I would have to to continue paying the fee (based on a contribution that was 14 TIMES more than the minimum I now paid).

My adviser has asked me to remove this review, but I will not do so until this matter is adequately resolved. Despite the view of Devere, this matter is no where near resolved.

Original review Dec 05, 2021

When I lived in Dubai, I was sold a policy so complex that it took significant time for a senior financial advisor and tax consultant in Australia to sort out what fees I was actually paying. As a brand new investor, I should have been told about the complexity and the problems with such a long-term investment.

Even as a lawyer, I did not comprehend just how convoluted and tricky the investment was. For example, I was never told that my fees would multiply exponentially when I increased my contributions. I was just told about the bonus and that I had to pay for 18 months. I should have been told that if I decrease my contributions later, my fees would still be calculated at the higher rate.

Furthermore, I raised this with my financial advisor and asked for his boss to contact me and have been simply ignored. That was years ago. They received full commission long ago, so there seems no incentive to provide customer service or to actually deal with my complaint.

If you don't know all the right questions to ask, Devere advisors are definitely not going to make sure you ask the right questions. As an inexperienced investor I needed guidance and my Devere/Acuma advisors instead just took advantage.

deVere Group Reply:
Dear Mrs.Balaski,
We are sorry your experience didn’t match your expectations. As a company, we consistently strive to reach high standards and ensure client satisfaction is upheld. We understand the above-mentioned issues only have been raised on 12th December as a form of complaint. We will immediately furnish you with our complaints procedure and ensure we deal with all of your questions in a timely manner. If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.
deVere Group
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Preferred solution:

Let the company propose a solution

Kevin M Ayj

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| map-marker Johannesburg, Gauteng

Marketing fees

I am extremely irate with having 1% pa deducted from my pension fund (8% in total), by STM / PLL. I have requested documentation to indicate that I was made aware of this at the time of account opening and yet to receive?

I have the account opening documents and this was not disclosed to me.

Please will you advise re regulator that I can approach re PLL and STM. I plan to also go to the SA regulator.

deVere Group Reply:
Dear Mr.Mondschein,
As a company, we consistently strive to reach the high standards and ensure client satisfaction is upheld. However, we do understand that issues may arise, and we are always very willing to clear up any queries or complaints our clients may have. We noticed your post to the ‘’deVere team’’ appears to be about issues primarily related to Providence Life Insurance and STM, your provider and Trustee respectively with whom you had contracted directly. We respectfully suggest you write to these companies directly and/or their regulators.
deVere Group
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Preferred solution:

Full refund

Ananth Tul
map-marker Temple, Texas

Devere Group scam I went on the rip off course

I went on the course. Interview, Joined an office in Europe and then left sharpish. Here is why.

I went to the presentation for devere and I have to say Nigel Green was mega enthusiastic about devere. He did lay it on the line about it being commission only and hard work, but he also said that I would be guaranteed two appointments a day, a coordinator when I arrived at my office and 50K in the bank within 10 weeks. I almost believed him, which was naïve and ***.

Next I had an interview was with a guy who said he was the former coordinator for Nigel Green. He was a real *** and I was a bit miffed as I had travelled a long way to Birmingham for what was in essence a 10 minute chat and a *** aptitude test for 10 yr olds, he was really only interested in whether I had the money to fund myself while abroad and that I was breathing.

Next I went on the course. It was mainly based on learning a sales pitch. I was stunned at the lack of financial training given. It was just a comedy sales course about learning a sales pitch to lead a customer into saying "˜yes' .

It would be almost impossible to fail the course. My trainer gave everyone the answers to the final day tests. The trainer on my last day sat down and he called the manager of my office and confirmed I had passed the course and that I would have a coordinator on arrival.

I started as an IFA not a coordinator. I arrived at my office a couple of weeks later. There were terrible morale issues from the start. Staff were coming and going all over the show, arguing and shouting. There was unbelievable racial abuse towards one black and one asian coordinator by the managers. I was told on the training course I would get help with finding accommodation but when I arrived I was simply chucked a couple of rental website links and told to get on with it. Contrary to what I was told at the presentation, interview and by the trainers, I was told by my office manager I would only get a coordinator after a couple of months and in the meantime, I was handed a list of 100 or so people to cold call and get some appointments for myself. After I had spent the 100 names I was to then find my own clients and was offered no help from anyone apart from some sympathy from some of the other guys in the same boat.

I was told by my manager that I would have to contribute towards office costs which I had no idea about before I arrived. I was told that the training course was free but my manager told me that I had to pay an additional 5% of my commission away on my first few deals to pay for the cost of the course and hotel. Most of the guys in the office said you would only get support once you started earning. It wasn't a good atmosphere. Most just felt they had been sold up the river and everyone was backstabbing everyone else. Some of us newbies would go to the pub after work and laugh about how we were tricked, honestly, you couldn't make it up.

I left devere within a short period because of all the deceit. Ok, all companies make things look a little brighter to get you on board but devere are n a different league and I had a problem working for a company that was happily willing to deceived me from the very beginning starting with the MD in that presentation. This might be the problem; the deceit comes from the top down. This isn't a company you can trust.

The final straw was watching as the manager and a so-called IFA laughed came back from an appointment having taken some guy for 10K in commission for a plan he didn't need and (as they pointed out with more laughs) was underperforming anyway. I didn't think there were really people like that but devere had plenty of them.

Now don't get me wrong, there were one or two guys in that office earning good money but in all honestly, even they agreed with me that within devere there was a culture of lies and deception and you had to put your conscience away in a locked room because you were taking clients for a commission rollercoaster ride. Most people were struggling big time and some had some frightening financial problems spending lots but not earning. Remember devere give you nothing, you pay for everything and some people didn't want to let go because they kept thinking the next deal was just around the corner. I met one guy who had spent near 15K chasing his illusive next sale! During my short spell 7 IFAs left and 6 coordinators walked all broke.

I spent about 3K on my trip and didn't make a bean. I had already decided it was gambling money, set my limit and I was prepared to lose it if it went wrong. I blame myself more than anything for not questioning some of the info I was given which always sounded a bit iffy. The trouble is you are blinded by the thought of earning all that money and it distorts your reasoning, but as one of the guys said to me "If you don't believe anything you are told, then you wont be disappointed'.

My advice for what it is worth is that for a chosen few it will be a risk worth taking but proceed with extreme caution and only do this if you have money you are willing and prepared to lose if it doesn't work out. Whether you make it or not, this isn't your average IFA business in fact it's not an IFA business it's just a sales outfit in IFA clothes. If you think you are walking into a professional IFA company, think again, it's just a direct sales company selling financial products that are poor performing and high paying in commission. Remember the products they sell abroad are banned in the UK. Ask yourself why.

So if you do go for it you have a 10% chance of making money and 90% chance of going broke but if you do want to make it, be sure you leave your morale's at home because you won't need them at devere

Provide as much information as possible, you will not be able to edit your review but you will be allowed to add on to it if you create an account during the submission process.

deVere Group Reply:
New recruits are trained to become fully qualified financial advisers, fulfilling deVere’s international regulatory obligations. deVere financial advisers do not have to pay for training or office costs. Advisers do use a predetermined introduction when meeting with clients; this is done to ensure that all facts about the company are correct. The main part of the meeting consists of what we call a ‘Fact Find’. This is where a deVere adviser will ask the client a set of questions to help us build a picture of where a client is today financially and where they want to be in the future. This can be as detailed as a client wishes and tends to be different with each and every client. The adviser will then be able to offer investment suggestions in line with the client’s goals. Working in financial services isn’t for everyone, but for those who work hard and offer sound financial advice, it can be a very rewarding career.
To find out more about working with deVere, please go to To find out more about the performance of deVere Group products, please click this link -
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OMG! Doesn't it just say everything when devere group IFA buy the domain name: to get to the top of Google to try avoid the real negative results.

Surely, that's a devere own goal for anyone looking at investing with them who has any sense? Theses guys are so desperate to hide comments it beggars belief.


If someone has invested a single penny in this company in spite of all the websites of complaints, videos and a clear history of dubious acts of this company, HE or SHE deserves to get *** have been warned...the same goes to those taking up a job with this company...


Absolutely true and accurate. I have met Nigel Green and was an employee when the UAM fund was suspended.

The reason it was suspended? Well, originally set up to mirror 2 JP Morgan funds (so in essence completely unnecessary as you could just buy the funds directly and save yourself paying commission to your "adviser"), at some point in time it decided to step out of its remit entirely and invest in risky property assets. When the rumor came out that the fund was suspending, there was a (futile) rush to pull clients out, but it so happens that this was impossible due to Nigel Green and Mike Coady (both directors) getting preferential treatment allowing them to pull their funds out before every one of their clients. Treating customers fairly?

HHmmmmmmm I will let you decide. I have seen advisers "guarentee" returns of 10% per year, 100% immediate uplift in value when transferring a pension into a QROPS, its criminal what they are doing. I worked as an advisor for 2 months before needing to leave due to the massive hole in my pocket and conscience.

Dispicable company that relies on its international status and transient nature of its client base to avoid repercussion (after all if you get in a bit of a sticky situation, all you do is close down in that country as they did in Belgium and Cyprus or change your name and company structure) It makes me sick that people like this exist, honestly, stealing from pensioners just before retirement. They should do us all a favor and jump off a very tall building


I disagree as im doing this now and im flying high, seems to me that you just wernt cut out to be successful

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-674352

Really Ronaldo? Because I still have access to the deVere weekly sales figures and I have never seen your initials there. Also, to be cut out for success at deVere you must be seriously lacking in morals, you and I both know this, and if you don't, you will eventually.


Starhollow. I admire your efforts to get the truth out about devere group but I worked for them in Europe and they simple had caller withheld when dialing out.

They knew full well it was illegal but also knew it would be pretty much impossible to pin this on them without proof of a call coming in from them.

The practices in the office I worked at would be criminal in the UK but they are slippery conmen. I could fill you in on lots of info about them but at the end of the day you need evidence.


A bunch of us in our office had random calls from them, they would not say who referred them to us without meeting us in person.

They are thieves, steer well clear.

Patrick O Xwt
reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-661904

could you please PM me your contact information? I am collecting proof of the illegal cold-calling activities in Germany in order to have the Bundesnetzagentur (authority supervising this) place a 50.000 EUR fine on them for constantly violating German consumer protection laws with their cold-calling.

And yes, stay away from them....most what they do is not legal in Germany and not even remotely considered to be "advice". Cheerio


I just don't get how people are still investing with these guys.

So the UAM fund, owned until recently by Nigel Green, the CEO devere, and now run by Beverely Yeomans, a devere PA, has gone under with £50Million of clients money.

So the devere sales force were flogging a fund that the boss owned! So, no conflict of interest then. Of course this isn't the only fund he has had interests in. Anyone remember the imperial consolidated fund he was involved with, that lost investors £250million in 2002.

I'm sorry to say that the only winner here is Nigel Green, and there are going to be a lot of unhappy investors with big losses.

But then why would you place your investment with a firm wholly unregulated outside of the UK and with commission only salesmen with double glazing backgrounds. Quite amazing how a good sales script and flashy website can extract cash from expats across the world.


The *** score looks to be a good guide to how much this complaint has hit a nerve. All the sales reps clicking away... :grin

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map-marker San Diego, California

Devere Stole My Pension

I wish I could have found this site before letting those lying cheating *** anywhere near my pension. I have since found out that I was fed a pack of lies by the Devere salesman.

I have seen my pension plummet in value because it's been put in investments that Nigel Green has a hand. To top that off they've put my pension in Nigel Green s Malta company STM where I will be liable to pay considerable tax when I start taking my benefits, this is because the country I am retiring to doesn't have a double taxation agreement with Malta.

This and many other important things I have since found out, the salesman forgot to mention.

Take my advice for what it's worth-do not entertain anyone from that dreadful company, they just tell you what they think you want to hear-period.

deVere Group Reply:
All investments carry an element of risk, we help prepare our clients for the positives and negatives that investments may produce. deVere Group are IFA's and as such we introduce our clients to top performing funds. We do not manage money ourselves. STM is a UK listed trust company in which the general public are free to own shares. Pensions transferred to Malta/Gibraltar or other locations can be transferred to other locations if required. 
View full review

To want to expose bad practice: send the link of this site and threads to everyone you know and ask them to keep sending forward...and just ask people to read and think twice before taking advise from anyone company listed in this site.


I personally have a friend who did a STM Malta QROPS with deVere, so far he's down 30% the salesman doesn't work there anymore, hey keep changing his funds around earning more commissions. He was told by deVere that they could passport his QROPS to another domicile after everything had settled down with Channel islands.

What a bunch of scammers this lot are. He said he never gets a straight answer from them.


I don't think one can say don't transfer to Malta as a blanket statement as it is a perfectly valid jurisdiction. There are other firms operating in the market.

I think this is a niche market for the well off, those that have quality advisers and have all their international tax affairs up to date and can afford the extra tax compliance fees that will accrue in Malta.This is not a product for the mass market so caveat emptor.

Bear in mind that the QROPS rules in Malta do not allow self-investment, unlike the UK cousin (Self Invested Personal Pension) which might be more appropriate for sophisticated investors. However, as SIPPs are FSA regulated, only UK IFAs with the appropriate pension transfer permissions should advise in this market.


You are right about the Malta QROPS, problem is because Nigel Green owns a large stake in STM Devere are placing all their clients in this scheme. Definitely wrong for the client if they knew all the implications about DTA also what you've just mentioned about having to submit an annual tax return, who wants to do that?

@ justification- your name must be Justin and you premote Boston Fund Platform right? This fund platform just doesn't have enough decent funds which is why I use a bond and select my own funds. Admittedly BF has over 5,000 funds but how many of those are actually used, not many..

If anyone is reading this that is being told to transfer their pension to Malta, please, for your own sake, don't do it. Look at Hong Kong and walk away from the IFA that's recommending Malta, he doesn't know what he's talking about, typical Devere one would say.


I think the rush to Malta might be dampened by the new Maltese proposals for all QROPS members, whether resident in Malta or elsewhere.

All members, even non Malta residents, will need to complete a tax return every year in Malta. What is that going to cost?

The thing is, that before any pension monies can be taken, the member is going to have to prove where he/she is tax resident or the income won't be paid.

No more hiding under the tax radar for some expats here then is there?

Cracking bit of legislation by the Maltese to stop tax evasion.


Do you work for an offshore insurance group? The discounted funds and protection comments are their standard phrases. If there are discounts, then no doubt the bond is set up on a nil commission basis and the cost savings passed onto the client.Do you think that funds are not chopped and changed within bonds? Do you think that commission is not taken on both the bond and the structured notes within the bond?

I cannot see any justification for using a bond in a QROPS. Do all bonds have proper FX possibilities?

An independent platform on an agreed fee basis with the client, with no commissions being generated on switches, might be a better option for QROPS.


There is lots of justification to using an investment bond, severely discounted funds, lots of protection to name a couple. If you put a clients pension lets say directly linked to a trading platform (as it happens devere have one of these) that has over 5,000 funds + some expensive 4% entry structured notes, it would end up costing the client much more money.

Devere like to do this because they chop and change the funds around which generates more income for Devere at great expense to the client I may add.

Anything Devere, run like a dog!


de Vere Group disappeared from their London Knightsbridge office. Personally I doubt whether - as "Claude", July 12th mentions - that they treat UK clients any better.

After all, as the FSA told me directly they do not come under the FSA umbrella and therefore not under the FSA compensation scheme.

I was not even aware there had been a "cooling off" period when the lying, swindling agent sold me a loss-maker.


STM are part owned by... Wait for it.. Nigel Green. How can Devere be giving impartial independent advice if they are placing you in products they have a vested interest? They do this with their funds which they get paid much higher commissions on also. The STM Malta QROPS is not the right product for many of the Devere customers that they have placed their life savings in, simply because if the country you end up retiring to doesn't have a double taxation agreement with Malta you could end up paying up to 55% tax on any drawdown. The Devere sales Rep probably forgot to mention this right?

They talk about pass prying your QROPS in the future to other QROPS destinations, what a load of B...ocks. They are boiler room scam artists of the highest order. I know this because I was involved in their organization for many years. All their meetings are scripted, this you lean at Malta on the training course before you go to country of destination.

Devere do not pay salaries, in some countries you will get an advance against commissions only, this is monitored very closely because if it looks like you have no business coming in they will not pay you. You have to pay for everything including the toilet rolls, heating, air ***, lighting, office rent, this is all deducted in the office costs they charge you every month. They are the worse commission payers in the industry, you will be left with very little if any money, in fact you will probably owe them money which is like being beholden to the devil.


Which seems to indicate the only reason they ostensibly treat their UK customers fairly is because the FSA says they must. Must decent reputable companies define their own standards and resolution process. Not Devere - they don't care about their customers, they see them simply as a source of one time revenue.

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Coreen K Kqs

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Verified Reviewer

DeVere Group Zimbabwe should be ashamed of themselves. Con artists who broker products and manipulate the client for their self gain. Their end game is bases on commission's

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full

deVere Group Zimbabwe is unscrupulous. Their existence and purpose is to conn their clients into thinking that they are guiding you into financial security!

You will be financially ruined and dare you try sort this out you will be given a generic standard response.

Dare you continue in your pursuit for the truth you will be contacted by lawyers representing devere with threats and accusations of defamation of character. lawyers with threats

deVere Group Reply:
The poster has posted such accusations before which have been denied and we simply have nothing further to add, which saves to repeat what we have said before. The poster is fully aware that her complaint has been thoroughly investigated and found to be entirely without merit.
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Preferred solution:

Everything back including the 48 months of my life and an apology for their despicable attitude

Brian E Jlm

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Resolved: deVere Group - Attempting to Withdraw Funds

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full
Updated by user Jul 29, 2021

About 2 days after posting I received emails and a couple of phone calls and the matter was resolved in a few days. The main issue for me really was the lack of follow-up from Devere with their provider and the lack of response to my emails..

Original review Jun 29, 2021

A few years ago I invested into an auto-callable fund on the investment platform. Its only a small investment worth $74,000 and it has now matured, and for 2 months Ive been trying to withdraw the funds.

Before they could refund they wanted tax status information and then employment information prior to my retirement. Ive supplied that information and then was asked for the source of funds. I replied about a month ago and supplied my pension fund statement together with details of other investments.

Since that time Ive written repeatedly asking what further information they require as their website still shows waiting for proof of funds, but Im no longer receiving responses to my emails, from the platform help desk or my financial advisor.

I find it a bit odd as Ive used Devere in previous years without issue, but Im now at a complete loss as to what to do. strhould ask that when making the investment.

deVere Group Reply:
Dear Mr.Evans,
As a company, we consistently strive to reach the high standards and ensure client satisfaction is upheld. However, we do understand that issues may arise, and we are always very willing to clear up any queries our clients may have. Kindly note deVere does not hold client funds, the investment is through a third-party investment platform. We are aware you are currently being assisted by your adviser and our platform liaison department to ensure the encashment can proceed as swiftly as possible.
deVere Group
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Preferred solution:

Deliver product or service ordered

map-marker Dallas, Texas

deVere Group - Devere tactics akin to Boiler Room Scams

A Boiler Room Scam is a type of malicious business activity where a "˜company' uses high-pressure sales techniques to sell "˜sure thing' investments with the promise of massive returns, (sounds just like a company we all know).

A Boiler Room Scam can look and sound totally legitimate, as they typically mention companies that one can easily relate to. They also provide their UK address or telephone number, and a professional-looking website is a must.

They are also usually notoriously persistent, and can even chase a victim for months in the hope of a sale. What they will be selling is predominately very costly FRONT END policies in often quoted companies.

Boiler Room Scam operators generally cold-call their targets, (sound familiar) using phone numbers from publicly available shareholder lists or LinkedIn. Since it is against the law for investors to cold-call in the UK, they tend to be based abroad (this is where devere are so active abroad), where they are beyond the jurisdiction of the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Quite simply, they will approach anyone, anywhere at anytime.

The deVere Group conducts their business in similar fashion to above mentioned, they will continue to make sure that all the deVere clients are well & truly stitched up so they have no surplus money to invest with any other company.

As a general rule, remember that if an opportunity sounds too good to be true, then it almost certainly is.

If you think you may have been targeted by said company, you should contact the FSA (immediately),contact centre on +44(0) 84* 606 *234. You may also find more information about Boiler Rooms Scams on the FSA website There are many other reliable search engines (goggle) this shows different countries they've been thrown out of for operating without proper licences, no work permits etc. Complaints are rampant.

deVere Group Reply:
As the most regulated independent financial consultancy in the world, deVere Group strictly adhere to international regulatory laws. By partnering with some of the world’s most respected investment providers, deVere are able to provide clients with trusted financial products helping them to achieve their financial goals and aspirations. Working in financial services can be hard but very rewarding; we provide full training turning our advisers into fully qualified financial planners gaining CISI qualifications.
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Senior Wealth Manager at DeVere Limassol is having an affair with his co-ordinator. Dirty Dog!!

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-641994

I heard that aswell and she is half his age. I think i am 1 of his clients. Its absolutely disgusting


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In my 4 years working for deVere I have been lucky enough to work in South Africa, Mozambique and now Mauritius. I ... Read more

Gareth Davies (Mauritius & Mozambique)

I joined the deVere Group as the company entered the South African market and now Craig Featherby, Paul Nicholson a ... Read more

Gavin Cooper (Kenya)

I work for the deVere Group in Marbella and have worked here since January 2012. arriving at deVere I have received ... Read more

Georgie Rothery (Marbella)

I am a financial consultant with the deVere Group. I work in Harare, Zimbabwe. After my graduation from the ... Read more

Gerald Zengeya (Harare)

The opportunity that deVere has given me to work in an environment that offers the opportunity to a earn substantia ... Read more

Giovanni Abbate (Limassol)

I joined the deVere Group as a financial consultant four years ago. At first I was worried to move abroad and work ... Read more

Graham Bentley (Abu Dhabi)

The real satisfaction in working for deVere comes from the individual relationships that we build with each client, ... Read more

Graham Weston (Warsaw)

I have previously worked in a number of beautiful countries worldwide, however since joining deVere group Mauritius ... Read more

Hannah Mesham (Mauritius)

Since joining the deVere Paris office I have enjoyed meeting clients due to the outstanding concept the deVere Grou ... Read more

Hans Makinen (Paris)

Today marks the start of my third week as a financial co-ordinator at the deVere Group’s new office in Milan. As a ... Read more

Harrison Prosser (Milan)

I have been working for P.I.C. deVere for the past twenty months and thoroughly enjoy it. I moved here to Dubai fro ... Read more

Harry Hassan (Dubai)

I recently joined the Basel office in NW Switzerland, working as a Financial consultant, having moved from a consul ... Read more

Hilary Kernohan, Consultant, Basel & Berne

I currently ...

Read more

Ian Edwards (Johannesburg )

I have only been with the deVere Group for just over a week in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam but I have to say my experi ... Read more

Ian Waterhouse (Vietnam)

I have been working for the deVere Group for three months now in the Marbella office in Spain. I can honestly say I ... Read more

Ifran Malik (Marbella)

I joined the Marbella team just over two months ago. From the initial training I received on my induction week in M ... Read more

Ike Benson (Marbella)

August 2012 marks my first anniversary with this incredible, dynamic and fantastic organisation. Having worked in t ... Read more

Innocent Motsi (Zimbabwe)

I am currently working as a financial coordinator, working towards becoming a wealth manager. I have only been ... Read more

Iram Mohammed (Dubai)

I currently work in Basel branch of deVere, in the North of Switzerland. This is an amazing city to live and work i ... Read more

Jack Kerswell, Team Leader, Basel & Berne

I have really enjoyed my time with deVere Group, I have worked with them for the last seven years in three differen ... Read more

Jai Patel (Zurich)

Having worked for the company for nearly 10 years, it is safe to say I really would not work for anyone else. Knowi ... Read more

James Dodds (Frankfurt)

I work in Bangkok, Thailand and I joined deVere after university as a coordinator in 2010. Since then, my quality o ... Read more

James Murphy (Bangkok, Thailand)

Since I have been at deVere nothing has gone according to plan. Most days something goes wrong! I get locked out of ... Read more

James Stratford (Paris)

The deVere Group is the most dynamic and forward thinking company I have ever had the experience of working for. Al ... Read more

James Wallis, Consultant, Basel & Berne

I started my career with deVere in May 2010. It began with a phone call from Lesley Burgess in the deVere recruitme ... Read more

Jason Trowles (Paris)

I work at the Geneva Office, Switzerland. Like all top achievers in life the work is very challenging, this has tau ... Read more

Jay Boodhun (Geneva)

I have been working as a Wealth Manager for deVere Group, Geneva for close to three years now. On arrival, I quick ... Read more

Jed Wilson (Geneva)

I arrived in the UK in March 2010. A month before I got here I did some research and the tremendous opportunities t ... Read more

Jennifer Napier (London)

I am working in the Western Europe region in the Luxembourg office. I have been with deVere as a coordinator for th ... Read more

Jeremy Agorom (Luxembourg)

Having worked for the company for over 8 years, I have seen the company grow from a few regional offices, to the fo ... Read more

Jerome Hall (Private Client Division)

I am working for the Zurich office in Switzerland. Working for deVere has been a great experience. I have learned s ... Read more

Jessica Wilson (Zurich)

I currently work in the Dubai office, Gulf region. Upon starting with deVere I have received continuous professiona ... Read more

Joanne Monagey (Dubai)

I have been working in the Basel and Bern office in Switzerland for the past seventeen months and have thoroughly e ... Read more

Joe Grabauskas (Basel & Berne)

I started with deVere in the Marbella office working under Andy Oliver, who gave excellent training sessions and, a ... Read more

Joe Murray (Palma)

I have worked for the deVere Group now for two and a half years. Since my arrival I have had nothing but support fr ... Read more

John Alden (Madrid)

I have recently joined the deVere Group and have been nothing but impressed by the company; the level of profession ... Read more

John Hassell (Dubai)

I have been a business coordinator with deVere Group for three years in Hamburg as part of the Western Europe regio ... Read more

John Mayoh (Hamburg)

As someone who came to work for deVere Group, just after finishing University, I have found it to be a privilege an ... Read more

John Mendy (Geneva)

From the minute Nigel Green walked into ... Read more

John Taylor (Moscow)

I have been working at the deVere Johannesburg office for the last three and a half months. The people that work ... Read more

Jonathan Boyd (South Africa)

I have recently been employed by deVere Group as a Paraplanner supporting the UK consultants out of the London offi ... Read more

Jonathan Harley (London)

I joined deVere in January 2008 and I have had the pleasure of working in the following offices: Dubai, Frankfurt, ... Read more

Jonathan Hives (Private Client Division)

First off, I think I should explain my history. Having worked in the financial industry for too many years to menti ... Read more

Jonathan Rodway (Prague)

I started my deVere career in the Cape Town office and I love the challenge and opportunities this company offers ... Read more

Judith du Toit (Cape Town)

I work in the Gaborone office in Botswana and have worked here since July 2009. Prior to making the move and reloca ... Read more

Julian Visser (Botswana)

Working in Kuwait has been a difficult but massively rewarding step, taking time to adjust to a new environment is ... Read more

Justin Allison (Kuwait)

I have been working at deVere in Brussels, Belgium since January 2012. I have realised over the past few months tha ... Read more

Justin Davies (Brussels)

I have worked with the deVere Group in Cyprus for nearly two years now and I must say it’s been a fantastic experie ... Read more

Justin Hill (Paphos)

It has now been roughly a month since I began with the deVere Group. I can confidently say that without my manager, ... Read more

Kai Shapi (Paris)

I joined the Cyprus office of deVere three months ago. I have experienced some highs and lows. I believe in what I ... Read more

Karen Gilbert (Limassol)

I have just finished my second week with the deVere Group in Cyprus. I have received support and advice from many o ... Read more

Karen Warburton (Paphos)

Johannesburg, South Africa is where I am based. The most significant experience since my arrival is the common beli ... Read more

Karl Brearley (Johannesburg)

I work in the Limassol office in Cyprus and have been here a couple of weeks having discovered deVere as a QROPS cl ... Read more

Kerry Brooks (Limassol)

I work in Frankfurt am Main in Germany as a business coordinator for the deVere Group. Since I have been here I hav ... Read more

Kevin Adam (Frankfurt)

I am currently living and working in Germany after 9 years within the organisation. I have been part of the ongoing ... Read more

Kevin Pearce (Frankfurt)

I have been with deVere for four years now and been lucky enough to work in Zurich, Spain and now run the UK operat ... Read more

Kevin White (London)

My name is Kirsten Potts, I am Zimbabwean born and bred and l am a coordinator with the deVere Group Harare office. ... Read more

Kirsten Potts (Harare)

I currently work in Shanghai, China. The main positive experience would be the training I received from Bruce Tappi ... Read more

Kirsty Robertson (Shanghai, China)

I have being living and working in Frankfurt, Germany for the past three years and have spent almost a year with th ... Read more

Laurence Wright (Frankfurt)

I’ve worked for deVere for almost ten months now, based in the Brussels office. As this was my first time living aw ... Read more

Leanne Cowans (Brussels)

I work in the Johannesburg region of South Africa. Since arriving I have been welcomed into the office and found it ... Read more

Lee Monslow (Johannesburg)

My name is Lewis and I am a consultant in the Africa region. I work in a vibrant office with fantastic morale and w ... Read more

Lewis Gurupira (Harare)

At the time of joining deVere, it felt like a life changing decision and that is exactly what it has turned out to ... Read more

Lewis Paterson, Financial Coordinator PIC, deVere Group

Working for deVere has given me the opportunity to live and work in some of the most exciting cities in the world a ... Read more

Lorraine Weyman (Indonesia, Bali)

I love working for deVere because I get to live in Johannesburg, Africa. I’m learning and understanding the financi ... Read more

Lucien Gounden (Johannesburg)

I have worked for deVere for over three years now and since the day I arrived I was welcomed into the company and o ... Read more

Luke Sloman (Abu Dhabi)

I am a business coordinator working in the Frankfurt office, Germany. Since coming to deVere Group it’s the first t ... Read more

Luke Startup (Frankfurt)

It has long been an ambition of mine to be able to travel widely, and deVere has provided me with the opportunity t ... Read more

Luke Swan (Limassol)

Since my first day on joining the deVere Group, I discovered a fantastic company which is ahead of all its competit ... Read more

Makram Bouthaaleb (Paris)

When I first started at the deVere Group, the first thing that struck me was the effort and time that was put into ... Read more

Malcolm McDowell (Zurich)

I have worked for the deVere Group in the UK office since the beginning of May 2012, making the transition from bei ... Read more

Marcia Avis (London)

I have worked for the deVere Group in Frankfurt (Germany) for over one and a half years now, under the leadership o ... Read more

Mark Gibson (Frankfurt)

I joined deVere in April of this year and headed straight to their Barcelona office in Northern Spain which has pro ... Read more

Mark Nash, Consultant, Barcelona

deVere represents a challenge. There are no soft options. As the world’s largest independent financial consultancy ... Read more

Mark Prosser (Milan)

I have been with deVere for only five weeks, so far I have been impressed with the training I received in Malta whi ... Read more

Martin Balch (Geneva)

I have worked for deVere for 2 years in Brussels and I’ve loved every second of it. deVere and the ethos behind it, ... Read more

Matt Footner (Brussels)

Although I have not been here for a long time I have felt welcomed not only by the company but also by the country. ... Read more

Melissa McGowan (Geneva)

Since joining the company at the beginning of 2012 I have learned, thanks to the combined experience and wisdom of ... Read more

Michael Quick (Toulouse)

I work for the deVere Group in Shenzhen, Southern China. This is my second time with the company, having worked fo ... Read more

Mike Briggs (Shenzhen)

I have been working in the Johannesburg office as a consultant since April 2010. During this time, I have learned a ... Read more

Mike Preston (Johannesburg)

Currently I work for deVere as a business coordinator in the fantastic city of Barcelona, Spain. Despite having onl ... Read more

Mike Thomas (Barcelona)

I have been with deVere now for nearly six months, and I can certainly say that it has been a learning curve. The w ... Read more

Muna Hassan (Geneva)

I have joined the deVere group Botswana very recently. Even though I’m new in the office, I have quickly rea ... Read more

Naliza Van Der Schyff (Gaborone, Botswana)

I’ve been with the deVere Group for eighteen months now working as a coordinator in the Brussels office. When I joi ... Read more

Nathan Cole (Brussels)

I currently manage the Hamburg office for deVere Group and since my arrival in the company back in 2009 my feet hav ... Read more

Nathan Tarr (Hamburg)

I have only been in Vietnam for a week. However, I must say that the office is in a fantastic location. Andy Menzie ... Read more

Neil Lewis (Vietnam)

I work at the deVere Group offices in Gaborone Botswana as a coordinator, only just started about a month ago. So f ... Read more

Ngodya Chimbwete (Botswana, Africa)

It’s nice to work for an international brand name and the name deVere is synonymous with quality and success, be t ... Read more

Niall McGovern (Vietnam)

Having joined deVere Paris relatively recently I can honestly say that I have not regretted a second of it. Moving ... Read more

Nick Cook (Paris)

I have worked for PIC in Dubai, UAE now for 4 months. Since moving to Dubai to the company, I have had an in ... Read more

Nicky Heffernan (Dubai)

I started with deVere in November of 2009 and currently work in the Cape Town Office as one of the senior consultan ... Read more

Nicole Fannin (Cape Town)

I started at deVere soon after the company came to grace the shores of Africa with a permanent presence at the end ... Read more

Niel Pretorious (Zambia)

I’ve been working for deVere for a while now. Since then, I have been very pleased with the level of caring, profes ... Read more

Norma Rivas (Madrid)

I started my career with deVere early 2009 and although the first few months were very challenging I have grown and ... Read more

Olaf Schroder (Mauritius)

I have been working for deVere Group in Geneva for over two years as a business coordinator, training to be a finan ... Read more

Oliver Prosser (Geneva)

Even though I am still considered a new consultant in the office of Athens, I would like to share with you my thoug ... Read more

Panos Filalithis (Athens)

I've been with deVere Cyprus for six weeks and in that time I've experienced a great deal of support from all my co ... Read more

Pari Nicola (Limassol)

I started working with deVere in the Barcelona office in 2012. Before arriving, I was in regular contact with my m ... Read more

Patrick Hall, Consultant, Barcelona

Since arriving in Barcelona eighteen months ago there have been ups and, of course, downs. To say the job of a coor ... Read more

Patrick Synge (Barcelona)

I have been working for deVere in the Hamburg office for three months now, and have thoroughly enjoyed my time so f ... Read more

Patrick Threlfall (Hamburg)

It is a great and rare privilege to work within such a young, dynamic, growing and future focused global financial ... Read more

Paul Dodds (Geneva)

I have been working for deVere Group for the past 2 years. I work in the Thailand branch where I have found that it ... Read more

Paul Flynn (Pattaya, Thailand)

I have worked for the deVere Group for over four years as Senior Wealth Manager in the Western Europe. I can honest ... Read more

Paul Rhodes (Frankfurt)

My time with deVere has been brief yet a very intriguing journey as of yet. My introduction to the team was invitin ... Read more

Perry Frampton (Hamburg)

I have been working as a coordinator in Brussels for over seven years now and I still feel the thrill of booking a ... Read more

Peter Clayton (Brussels)

I started with the deVere Group in Marbella on the 9th April and the first few months have absolutely flown by. It ... Read more

Quentin Sellar (Marbella)

I work in the Dubai office as a coordinator. I’ve been here for less than a month and have received support in leap ... Read more

Ray Verma (Dubai)

I have been working in Basel & Berne for almost a year now, and I can honestly say I have had an amazing time since ... Read more

Reece Jackson (Basel & Berne)

When I finished university all I wanted to do was come back to Zimbabwe. Everyone told me I should travel to a firs ... Read more

Renee Connolly (Harare)

What I love about deVere is its training and seminar programs which provide me with knowledge that can be used fore ... Read more

Reyhan Surel (Geneva)

Since starting with deVere in Johannesburg, South Africa, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how welcoming and suppo ... Read more

Rian Bronman (South Africa)

I had retired from my role as COO of a plc in financial fervices when a Mike Coady; the then regional manager for W ... Read more

Richard Bayle (Toulouse)

I currently work for deVere in Johannesburg, this has been a fantastic opportunity for me, one which I feel I have ... Read more

Richard Huntley (Johannesburg)

Having worked in Basel for over two years, the deVere Group has provided an unparalleled experience to further my c ... Read more

Richard Major (Basel & Berne)

I have worked for deVere in Marbella for the last two years. The move to deVere allowed me to fulfil a dream of liv ... Read more

Richard Mills (Marbella)

My name is Richard Pretorius and I work as a consultant in the Johannesburg office in South Africa. I thrive upon c ... Read more

Richard Pretorius Johannesburg

I have been with deVere for three years now, having initially worked in Basel in Switzerland before moving to the L ... Read more

Robert Fisher (London)

I work in the Dubai office of P.I.C as a financial consultant. I have been with the company for just short of thre ... Read more

Robert Mceown (Dubai)

My name is Robson Arufandika and I’m a consultant at the Botswana office in the Africa region. I joined deVere in N ... Read more

Robson Arufandika (Botswana)

I have been working at the Botswana office since September 2009 to date. It has been an interesting journey and I h ... Read more

Ronel Cameron (Botswana)

Working for deVere has indeed been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my working career. Although I am s ... Read more

Rudi Andersen (Durban,South Africa)

I have worked for the deVere Marbella office for over a year now. I have seen some big changes along the way with r ... Read more

Russell Brooker (Marbella)

I joined the deVere team in Durban about a year back and feel I am continuously improving my people skills and sell ... Read more

Ryan Fleming (Durban)

I have worked in the Frankfurt, Germany office for the past three years. This has been the first time I ever moved ... Read more

Sajan Chugani (Frankfurt)

I joined deVere back in March 2008. I started in Cape Town but have been in Gaborone, Botswana since July 2009.

Read more

Sam Bowen (Botswana)

While working in the deVere Marbella office; since January 2012 I have been through a steep learning curve. The deV ... Read more

Sami Monsur (Marbella)

After working in sales in the UK I heard about deVere through an old work colleague. I started the recruitment proc ... Read more

Samuel Howat (South Africa)

I have been working for deVere Group Brussels for eight months now, and I have had so far both an enjoyable and dev ... Read more

Scott Smith (Brussels)

Wow, what an amazing year it has been for me. After a long and very successful career, working for HSBC Bank in the ... Read more

Shahzad Latif (Prague)

The past five months I have been working for the deVere Group, and it has been a milestone in my life. I work as a ... Read more

Shakhil Islam (Frankfurt)

I work from the Harare office in Zimbabwe and have been here since the opening of the office in 2010. I was origina ... Read more

Shane Helberg (Harare)

I joined the Cape Town team on the 2nd July 2012. What impressed me immediately was the focus on performance excell ... Read more

Shane McDuling (Cape Town, South Africa)

Working as a co-ordinator at deVere has given me the chance to live in Mauritius and continue my life’s theme of li ... Read more

Sharon Walding (Mauritius)

If at the start of 2009 you would have told me that within the next three years you will have worked in Russia, Pol ... Read more

Simon Byrne (Lisbon)

My name is Sjaan Lindsay and I work in the Harare, Zimbabwe office as a co-ordinator. I am born and bred Zimbabwea ... Read more

Sjaan Lindsay (Harare)

A year has flown past since I arrived in Zurich and working as a business coordinator with deVere Group has been a ... Read more

Sophia Awan (Zurich)

In a couple of weeks I will have been in Zurich for one year, where did that time go, it seems only yesterday that ... Read more

Spencer Freeman-Haynes (Zurich)

Since I started working at deVere only two years ago I have learned more about myself and my chosen profession than ... Read more

Stephen Boyce (Hamburg)

I guess if you are reading this you are considering the opportunity of pursuing a career with the deVere Group in o ... Read more

Stephen Gibson (Abu Dhabi)

I have worked for the deVere Group for 3 years. I love the freedom and opportunity the deVere Group gives me to gro ... Read more

Steven Cowans, Area Manager, Brussels

I have now been working for deVere for slightly over two years in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I have been involved in fi ... Read more

Stewart Brockett (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

I only arrived in the Toulouse office last Monday (July 23rd) but from my very limited experience so far, Richard a ... Read more

Stuart Blake (Toulouse)

I have worked for the deVere Group for over four years, and have grown successful and developed into a driven i ... Read more

Stuart Holmes (Zurich)

Having spent over twenty five years working in the financial markets for some of the world’s top investment banks, ... Read more

Stuart Nelson (Geneva)

I have been working in the Marbella office at deVere Group in Spain for the last year and a half. Initially I ente ... Read more

Susan Price (Marbella)

I have worked for the deVere Group for fifteen months. I began working in the Malta office last year, where ... Read more

Tamara Cefai (Mauritius)

I work in the Limassol office in Cyprus. I have currently been with the company for six months and am enjoying ever ... Read more

Tamzyn Du Toit (Limassol)

My name is Tanyaradzwa Mushipe, I am an administrator in the Harare, Zimbabwe office. Since I have joined deVere I ... Read more

Tanyaradzwa Mushipe (Harare)

After leaving the UK in 2004 and arriving in the deVere Group Hong Kong office I have never looked back as they say ... Read more

Tariq Mirza (Hong Kong)

It is a year today since I have moved to Geneva to work for the deVere Group, the experience has been great and the ... Read more

Telma Correia (Geneva)

Having worked for deVere in Geneva for almost three years, I can reflect on a hugely positive three years for both ... Read more

Tim Hinchliffe (Geneva)

I have been with deVere for three years now and work in the ASEAN region. The training and guidance I have received ... Read more

Tina Hanlon (Vietnam)

I have been working with deVere for 4 years now. I was working in financial servicesin London but felt that my job ... Read more

Toby Williams, Area Manager, Pattaya

I’ve been working in Dubai for deVere for three years now. Working for the company has been exceptional and I have ... Read more

Tom Austin (Dubai)

I joined deVere in October 2011 having been contacted from a recruitment advert on Total Jobs. Initially I had no s ... Read more

Tom Sloane (Durban,South Africa)

I work for P.I.C. in Dubai and have worked for the company for three months now. Since I arrived in Dubai I have ha ... Read more

Toni Hughes (Dubai)

I started working for the company in January 2005 in Tokyo and since then I have never looked back. Working for deV ... Read more

Tony Evans (Shangai)

I have really enjoyed my 18 months with the deVere Group and am currently working in Costa Blanca, Spain having pre ... Read more

Tony Gardiner (Costa Blanca)

I joined the deVere Group in October 2009 working out of the Geneva Office in Switzerland. The most appealing initi ... Read more

Tony Williams (Geneva)

I moved to Spain from the UK in September 2011 with my husband Paul, without a job. I had previously worked in the ... Read more

Tracy Hardy (Marbella)

Working for deVere has been life changing and also an eye-opener for me and one of the best decisions that I have m ... Read more

Trevor Potgieter (Durban)

I joined deVere UK in 2009 to be part of a team of great professional advisers. I have to say that at the beginning ... Read more

Tuija Takieddine (London)

I am currently working in the Gauteng region of South Africa, after having worked in the flagship Western African o ... Read more

Vernita Gouws (Gauteng)

I have worked for deVere in London since I graduated from university three years ago. I started my career with deVe ... Read more

Victoria Hames (London)

I work at the Botswana deVere group office and it has been a pleasure being here. It’s a friendly yet very competit ... Read more

Wedu B. Mudongo (Africa)

I have been working for deVere for over three years, during this time the company has taken me from an inexperience ... Read more

William Fryer (London)

I had a couple of choices 4 years ago, early retirement or pick up a new challenge – I chose the latter! In doing s ... Read more

William Offen, Area Manager, Algarve

I have nothing but good things to say about the company I work for. I work in the Brussels office under the guidanc ... Read more

William Swain (Brussels)

I started working for deVere in January 2012. deVere gave me the opportunity to choose where I was to be posted and ... Read more

Xisco McGrath (Thailand)

I have been working as a Coordinator in the Zurich office for just under four months now. I’ve had the pleasure of ... Read more

Yasmin Adan (Zurich)


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Peter A Skr

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Verified Reviewer

The worst investment decision of my life.

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full

The worst investment decision of my life. The 2021 Stockmarket is at record high's and a 16yrs (based on their advice) old invest through Devere Indonesia the investment is at 40% of its initial value.

Is it high management fee's or bad advice? I will never know because they do not give you statements and it is very difficult for them to return correspondence. Once your money is there you will not get any management or correspondence. I am now jumping through hoops (5+ months) as they shift my file to and from office's around Asia, to retrieve a savings fund for my son education.

He is now close to graduation. So the idea of the fund was a joke. I am still wondering if I will see my money.

Devere has cost me more time and money... Stay away.

deVere Group Reply:
Dear Mr.Aquilina,
We are sorry to hear about your situation and that your experience didn’t match your expectations. At deVere Group, our aim is to provide expert advice to clients all over the world and we take complaints very seriously. We understand that the company you had invested your money with (which was not deVere), transferred your surrendered monies to you on 5th March with a full statement.
deVere Group
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Preferred solution:

Deliver product or service ordered

Susan B Tkm

This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website. Check our FAQ

Verified Reviewer

Total of loss of investment

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full

The Four Seasons Growth Plan.

A substantial Investment was made into an unregulated scheme, which was not suitable for my portfolio. I was not advised, not made aware of the risk and no communication followed during the suspension, it also appears that no action was/has been made by Devere to recover my investment.

deVere Group Reply:
Dear Mrs.Briggs,
We are sorry your experience didn’t match your expectations. As a company, we consistently strive to reach high standards and ensure client satisfaction is upheld.
It appears we don’t have any record of a complaint, therefore we will arrange for you to be contacted as soon as possible to discuss your concerns and give full details of our complaints procedure if your concerns cannot be successfully resolved.
deVere Group
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Preferred solution:

Full refund

the p Mdo
map-marker Washington, District Of Columbia

deVere Group - DeVere (aka Nigel Green) fraud, scam and sexual harassment

deVere Group - DeVere (aka Nigel Green) fraud, scam and sexual harassment
deVere Group - DeVere (aka Nigel Green) fraud, scam and sexual harassment - Image 2

Not happy with cheating hundreds of expats out of their hard-earned retirement money by promising high-yielding bogus investments, De Vere is a world-class scammer of unsuspecting new financial consultant recruits.

The recruits are treated to a glossy 'recruitment presentation' and encouraged to ignore all negative postings on the Internet about De Vere scams. Then they are promised the world if they come to work for De Vere:-

£100K to £500K in more or less guaranteed fees

Freedom to work at any De Vere offices worldwide

Free training to qualify as Stockbrokers

De Vere-covered visas and 'assistance' with relocation.

Sounds like a dream? Well, it is - a nightmare! Here is a reality check:-

You will probably earn around £50k to £80K gross from which you will have to deduct:-

a) 20% of your income for your secretary/ co-ordinator;

b) 50% of her accommodation will need to be covered by you;

c) You will need to pay ALL her travelling and relocation expenses (could be expensive, if she is not your wife!);

d) you will need to pay your share of office expenses and ALL costs of your office telephone bill;

e) you will need to cover ALL your relocation and visa processing costs - they will give you no help other than a letter saying that they have offered you a job as an independent;

f) to get to your De Vere office, expect to have at least £20k saved up - you will need it in your first two months;

g) be prepared to wait and wait for your commissions and be prepared for *** after *** why it is delayed!

h) be prepared for prospects cancelling appointments after reading up about De Vere scams on the Internet and be prepared for De vere to blame you for that (isn't life a ***

To find out more about what you are in for if you are *** enough not to listen to what other ex employees have to say about them on the Internet, read the attachment. It has notes on the standard offer letter you can expect from these scammers.

De Vere is in for a name change for sure - why not "BEWARE!"

deVere Group Reply:
deVere Group consultants are not required to pay any office costs. A career with deVere is not easy by any means and is not suitable for the vast range of people. However those that do work hard and offer the best financial advice deVere have become synonymous for, will benefit from a successful career in international financial advice. Commissions are paid weekly and are rarely held up.
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Sounds like you will do well at devere my friend, fighting talk is something they know well. Just make sure you have enough money (at least 15k) and don't say you have not been warned or seen the writing on the wall.

Good luck, you'll certainly need lots of that.


What is really goin on here?? I went to the meeting in London the other day it was hosted by Nigel Green, its all seems plausable, if what I read is true why doesn't somebody kick his head in,,??

if everyone can get thru the interview and then the meeting surely somone who was burned by devere would have thought it to get friend to apply go thru the motions so you can be sure where Nigel green is and give him a piece of your mind!! I'm Just saying, it wouldn't be difficult would it??


Sounds like a great company to wok for, not. Why do so many people fall for their BS? I guess there's one born every minute, if something sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Deverie has a dreadful reputation globally, not just from past employees. There is plenty of feedback from customers past & present.

What kind of company makes its employees pay the office rent? Scammers that's who.


devere are implicated in scams all over the world, you've only have to search google to see what these scammsters are about. They stole over 12K off a blind person in UK.

All their products are fully loaded with commissions, front and back end. If you want to see your investment plummet in value, have little or no contact, deal with non qualified sales staff, go with devere.


deverie can't get away from it... They are scammers of the highest order, go boys go... make some more money before you're all locked up for a very long time.


Everything this poster has said is true, Devere are a dreadful company to work for. Sales, sales, sales, never putting the customer first.

I know because I worked or them, made lots of money, followed their lead. I couldn't continue ripping people off, I'm now looking for a better opportunity with a real company.

Stay away from these thieves they will take you for everything. Devere deserve all they get on here.


Everything this poster has said is true, Devere are a dreadful company to work for. Sales, sales, sales, never putting the customer first.

I know because I worked or them, made lots of money, followed their lead. I couldn't continue ripping people off, I'm now looking for a better opportunity with a real company.

Stay away from these thieves they will take you or everything. Devere deserve all they get on here.


lots of comments, so little action.

what are the people commenting on this blog going to do about the issues they have raised?


It's true, This company is terrible. Bullies and do very little for the customer.

I now work for a competitor and they are warm friendly provide good training and are Very customer focused.


Wow ThePissed, two seperate posts. You must be a VERY angry 26 year old pretty, blond Bulgarian...

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